Rascal Bassoons is devoted to inspiring the listener, expanding the repertoire for bassoon quartet, and educating music lovers of all ages.  Your gift directly supports cutting-edge concerts, dynamic new commissions, engaging education and outreach, and through residencies, free family concerts, and more.  A gift of any size makes a difference as we boldly step forward into a new genre of chamber music. 

Rascal Bassoons’ main goal is to bring classical and contemporary chamber music to audiences in an accessible and interactive way.  We are also committed to sharing various styles of music with which chamber music audiences may not be as familiar, such as jazz, musical theater, and Latin music, and to creating a personal connection with our audiences by breaking the fourth wall--freeing them to converse with us on stage. 

In addition to our performance goals, we care deeply about creating a future audience for classical and contemporary chamber music, supporting the work of young, talented composers and arrangers, and bringing live music to underprivileged and developing communities. These goals are met through Rascal Bassoons projects such as our Outreach Fund and Ensemble Commissions. 


 We are currently working on the following projects: 


          A project geared toward offering free outreach activities in underprivileged communities.  As we tour the U.S., we are
          often asked to perform in schools and retirement communities.  We love doing these performances.  Nothing is more
          rewarding than seeing young people get excited about music and bringing joy and happiness to audiences who cannot
          attend regular concerts.  Unfortunately, there is very little funding for these outreach performances.  That’s why we are
          working to create an Outreach Fund that will allow us to offer such events to these communities, free of charge. 



           Rascal Bassoons has a plan to regularly commission new works for solo, duo, trio, and bassoon quartet by today’s                          exciting composers.  We would love to be a part of helping to create more original works for bassoon while helping                        young composers get the exposure they so deserve.  What distinguishes Rascal Bassoons in its commissioning process              is the fact that we can guarantee multiple performances of these works throughout our season in different venues                          across the U.S. and abroad. 


          Plans are underway for a 2017 Christmas CD recording.  Assist in the process by sponsoring a day of recording, CD                         mixing, disk and insert printing, or a whole project. 

          Rascal Bassoons relies on financial contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies                 in order to commission composers and perform new works at home and around the world.  Our education and                               community program is dedicated to bringing music to those in need and mentoring young musicians by performing at                 elementary middle, and high schools as well as colleges and universities.  Please consider a gift, no matter how small or             large, to support these programs. 



Book Rascal Bassoons for your art gallery exhibition, educational events, and/or community engagements.  Contact us using the form on the Booking page. 



Rascal Bassoons is always looking for interested parties to volunteer. People with expertise in the following areas are especially welcome: 

               • marketing/social networking strategies 

               • grant writing

               • audio/video editing and archival  ​

               • catering for concert receptions 


Do you have in-kind goods or services to give to Rascal Bassoons?  We accept non-monetary donations that support our work: food contributions for concert receptions, airline miles, gas cards, and office supplies. 

Please help to continue our vision by joining the Rascal Bassoons’ “family” of supporters and making a donation today!  Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Donors may remain anonymous if desired, or you may choose to let us publicly (and gratefully) acknowledge your contributions.  We will strictly protect the privacy and confidentiality of anonymous donors. 

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