Rascal Bassoons takes you on a magical journey to the quadruple intersection of classical music, pop, jazz, and world...a place where artists like Bach and Beethoven exist side by side Herbie Hancock, the Beatles, Queen, and Pink Floyd.  

We are not your ordinary chamber music ensemble.  We started the group because each member believes that audiences need to hear the bassoon.  Typically an instrument not heard outside of formal and chamber concert settings, the bassoon is a very adaptable instrument with one of the largest tonal ranges of any in the orchestra.  Rascal Bassoons utilize this breadth of capability to its fullest to present an unparalleled experience.  

Our commitment to changing the physical environment for this musical mix is forefront of our mission.  Whether performing in a nightclub, gallery space, or concert hall, Rascal Bassoons is transporting audiences to the next level of concert experience.  Adding to the unique concert experience is our ability to include diverse peripheral instruments within our performances: the theremin, udu drums, melodica, omnichord, hang drum, sruti and tabla boxes, and a variety of small Latin percussion instruments--all combine to create a one-of-a-kind experience for audiences.  

Our program themes include:
     Dances with Bassoons                            Musical Postcards

Rascal Bassoons on Route 66

     The Artistic Side of the Bassoon           Classic Romance

A Littl’ Rock/A Littl’ Jazz

      Latin Passion                                 The Best of Rascal Bassoons                                                                            

and much more!  

We love to interact with our audiences.  A Rascal Bassoons performance can include a Q&A session before or after our main performance.  

Here are sample descriptions of acoustic and electric concerts:  

Rascal Bassoons Acoustic Concert 1  

In our standard concert option, the quartet performs
an acoustic set that includes transcriptions of jazz/
popular music, and traditional classical music.  This
option is a great way to engage audiences of any
age, and lovers of all forms of music, especially
those new to classical music.

Rascal Bassoons Acoustic Concert 2  

                                                                                                 Rascal Bassoons also offers the option of a full- 
                                                                                                                                        length classical recital of traditional bassoon                                                                                                                                                       quartet repertoire from the Baroque to                                                                                                                                                                 contemporary times.  

Plugged-in Rascals: The Electric Set  

Plugged-in Rascals utilize electric bassoons and
electronica.  Repertoire primarily consists of rock
tunes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Because we
amplify our sounds directly from the instrument via
internal pickups, Rascal Bassoons can sound as loud
as any in-your-face metal band.  Electric sets can
take place in bar style venues, outdoor stages, and
large event spaces with amplified sound capabilities.
Rascal Bassoons electric sets need to be heard to be


Rascal Bassoons has an ongoing set of projects to help bring music to the populace.  In addition to our concerts, all members have a strong educational background and can offer many student programs geared to elementary school through college and adults.  With our commissioning series, we hope to add to the repertoire for multiple bassoons with new pieces by today’s talented composers.  Our long-term recording projects will present much of our repertoire to the masses.  

All in all, the Rascal Bassoons experience is never to be forgotten!